DJ Rip Lancaster PADJ Rip is a Brooklyn native who was raised in a musical household. Rip recounts his first musical memories from days spent as a young boy listening to his mothers disco and 80’s records and falling in love with music. DJ Rip immersed himself in the musical world and began his career as a spinning DJ. The early 90’s found Rip at age fourteen living in Queens NY attending musical events in Redfern. Rip was further inspired by the cultural influences around him at this time. Much of these experiences gave Rip a connection to the new style of mixing, cutting and blending of popular party music.


Rip began practicing scratch patterns and DJing everyday in his room. What started out as an interest and a hobby quickly turned into a solid dedication to the art of DJing. With practice, ambition, a positive attitude and a love for music is what has made DJ Rip the DJ he is today.


“ I met Joey in 1996 by coincidence. Both of us spent our childhoods in Brooklyn NY and by chance had both moved to a little town in Lancaster, Pennsylvania called Lititz. I was only one year into spinning when I met Joey through a DJ battle offer from one of our mutual friends. To say the least dude ripped me, but the best part of the story is that we became friends and I found a new mentor. Many people offered words of advice and a few demonstrations to help me as a beginner DJ but when I started practicing with Rip he helped me bring my skills to a whole new level. Rip taught me what the words flavor and style really meant.” – Vincent Smaldone aka DJ Image


As DJ Rip’s talent matured, he turned to various outlets to share his talent. Today DJ Rip can be found at a variety of events sharing his passion for music and visual effects with audiences. For DJ Rip a positive, professional and enjoyable atmosphere is his goal. His technical understanding and the ability to adapt and blend different genres of music have made Rip a respected DJ in his field. DJ Rip has appeared in venues from Bourbon Street Harrisburg, playing top 40 Rock to Level 2 venues playing dance & club hits. Rip also regularly DJs birthday parities, School dances, corporate events and wedding receptions. Whether you have an event big or small that needs a DJ, look no further. Check out DJ Rip productions for your next event.